Willy Peart

Willy Peart at work

Q and A with Willy Peart

Q: Where were you born and raised?

A: Port Huron Michigan, a medium sized community north of Detroit on the St. Clair River just south of the Lake Huron, one of Michigan's Great Lakes.

Q: What influenced you to become the Craftsman you are today?

A: Growing up the youngest of nine siblings I learned to repair and create toys from broken hand me downs. Later in life I improved those skills by working and learning in a gas station and glass shop. I went to work at a local automotive engineering company when the opportunity presented itself. In 1989 I opened the doors at Willys Workshop in Port Huron while working at a large vehicle restoration business. I developed my skills in steel fabrication through these career endeavors.  Vehicle product engineering was the last job I excelled in before returning full time to my passion....creating art and building the dreams of my customers at my own shop.

Q: Pineapple Willys LTDA is a new business. Why was it created?

A: I created Pineapple Willys LTDA because I saw a need for the kind of high-end products and services I can provide in Costa Rica.

Q: What kinds of products and services will you offer at Pineapple Willys LTDA in Costa Rica?

A: I will be providing plasma cutting services with my new CNC Plasma Cutting System. Perimeter fencing, gates and structural metal fabrication  will compliment the plasma art. I will also be providing stainless steel fabrication, welding and repairs for boat components and commercial stainless steel equipment. I will offer automotive and truck interior restorations on higher end vehicles. Right now Costa Rica is quite restrictive regarding vehicle modifications however should that change I look forward to promoting vehicle performance upgrades and complete design and development services.

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